You don’t even know them do you?? ...I laughed and I laughed!
Jay Blake   |   January 22

This is something which has been said of me all of my life, however it was only yesterday that I actually heard someone say it to someone else.  Yet it totally sums up one of the things I so love about being up north.

People do say hello to other people.  Random conversations start in all sorts of different places for lots of reasons and for none.  That is the beauty of being here.  I truely adore being able to make those connections happen and seeing what comes from it.  

What I love about a post like this is that it will totally divide people into 2 camps, those who resonate and those who just don’t get it whatsoever.  There is very little middle ground on a subject like this.  Which is not a bad thing and what I would suggest if you are reading this and wondering what on earth?  Perhaps give it a try… just once, go on, say hello!  It won’t hurt and you just never know what might come of it!

Truth is… NO.  I do not know them, I was just being friendly!  It is just how people are up here.  There is no need to actually know someone in order to be friendly.  It’s OK to say hello and good morning, you never know sometimes it can even spark a conversation and we all know that conversations can then become anything!