How are you finding Virtual Networking? Wish someone could do it for you?

Are you looking to capture a precious moment or communicate what you are about to your target market?

Do you wish there was somewhere you could turn for support and understanding?

Welcome to YourAmity

For those of you still wondering, Amity means Friendly Relations,

At first glance the offerings appear diverse.  Yet to those who know me they all fall at the heart of how I work with people to enable them to progress with their lives and businesses.

I wanted a name which gave a feel for the way my clients experienced working with me, in whatever way they happen to engage with me and my varied skillset.

YourAmity Limited is an organisation which covers a number of offerings

YourAmity – Cost Effective Video Production

Video is no longer a nice to have for you or your business.  YouTube is now the most searched location on the web after Google.  By having a presence on YouTube and sharing your knowledge and expertise you give others an opportunity to understand the benefits of working with you and a feel for your approach to delivering tangible value to them and their lives.

While high end video production has it’s place, I have come to realise that by capturing your passion and expertise on camera and by creating a series of short pieces, you can quickly benefit from this medium without incurring the significant expense of full production and post production costs.  Where appropriate I have production partners who can provide the full high end experience at an appropriate fee.

Virtual Networking with Remo

An in-person experience in the digital world

Are you getting Zoom Fatigue?
Are you looking for an in person feel to your virtual networking?
Are you fed up of being pushed around in the virtual space?
Would you like your attendee’s to feel in control of where they are and who they speak to?

Remo is the answer to all of these challenges.
Whether you are looking to put on weekly events or just a very occasional online event.  I have an option which will work for you! 

Please do have a look around the rest of the site and pick up the phone.  Coffee (albeit virtually for now)  is always a great place to start a business relationship and I look forward to bringing the tools I carry in my toolbox to the conversation and seeing which of them individually or in combination can support you and your business most effectively.