What is the most important question?
Jay Blake   |   January 22

As we begin this new year, many of us are looking at our businesses and taking the opportunity to have the excitement of a blank sheet before us.  Life, it seams to me, can at times feel like a series of questions.  Working out which ones we need to get absolute clarity on can be quite a challenge.  What are your key numbers?  What do you deliver?  When do you work?  When DONT you work?  

So many questions, and yet it seams to me that the key question we always need to be asking ourselves is…. Who is your customer?  In simple terms who is it that you want to be working with.  

I have heard some wonderful examples of customer avatars.  Even one wonderful friend of mine that springs straight to mind has a name for hers.  They talk to her when they are planning their marketing.  They wonder how “that name” would respond to what it is they are writing.  Business after all is personal.

So sitting behind that question is one that I spend a lot of my time thinking about with my clients who are getting my Connosieur of Connection service.  The service increases the number of sales opportunities you have for your business by delivering conversations with prospects.  This brings me to the key question.

Who is a prospect…

To my mind, a prospect is has 3 charectaristics 

I will cover those in the coming days…. but if you want to know more about what makes someone a prospect or how my connosieur of connection service could work for your business, lets have a coffee…  Albeit you might have to make your own for the time being when we meet virtually.

I am naturally inquisitive, tell me… What questions do you feel are key to your business? Is there a question you are struggling with right now that I or someone I know might be able to help you with - reach out. This thing called life was not designed to be a solo sport.