Rotary - Day 1 - new friends?
Jay Blake   |   January 22

The car needed defrosting, never suggested that it was more than 0-degrees all the way to Nantwich, and then of course I needed to pay for parking.  Eeek I need to be here all day!  What is 7 hours of parking going to cost me….

£3.07 - yes you read that right.  That also includes the fee the mobile app took, which is a good point for future visits.  I wonder what it might have been for cash?

Cafe Nero was the venue I was headed to, and it was open at 7.30 so I was able to get coffee before everyone arrived.  It was a lovely group of people, all with a similar desire to make a difference, locally and beyond.  Around 10 of us at the meeting this morning, which i guess is not bad all things considered.  

On the table for discussion today was…

Musical Extraveganzas, and the definition thereof.

Santa’s float fundraising and what you may or may not see as you wander the streets in the run up to christmas.

As well as a brief update, from all except me who frankly was a bit more verbose but then again I was the new boy and ensuring people knew a little about me.

All in all, I can highly reccommend it.  Not all Rotary clubs are stereo-typical.  I am probarbly the average age of members and there are as many women as men.   I am looking forward to it being a source of new friendships locally.  You never know there may be opportunities to encourage and support each other in our work as well.  All surrounded with plenty of opportunities to be involved in community fundraising, events and social fun.

Oh and they mentioned an app which is turning steps into trees.

It feels like a bit of a no-brainer… let me know if you decide to be a part of it too?