Do you need to know everything about my business?
Jay Blake   |   January 22

Let me introduce you to a client of mine, Josiah…

Josiah has been making widgets since 1978 and makes the very best widgets in the whole of the country, never mind the region.  Now Josiah has a problem.  He is struggling to get to have conversations with prospects who would want to buy his widgets.  

So he called me in and asked me to help him have conversations with prospects.  

The only thing, he said, is that I know EVERYTHING there is about widgets, there is just no way for me to pass on all that information to you before you go out and represent me!  How is that going to work…

Well Josiah, the thing is this.  When I am out talking to prospective clients and they ask a very specific question… 

Let me paint 2 scenarios for you and you can tell me which you think builds more trust and and makes people want to engage with your service. 

I’m out building relationships and someone says… “So Jay, these widgets sound just great but there is this one question I have… In this particular scenario how would it work.”

Scenario 1 - I know everything

Awesome question, you see in that situation they… I then share the detail of how to resolve the problem.  The prospect says thanks and we carry on with our day.

Scenario 2 - I know very little

Awesome question, I am not sure but I will definitiely find out for you - are you in the office tomorrow afternoon?  Yes they say, and I arrange a call at 2.30pm

I speak to you and get all the information on that question, along with a couple of other little nuggets which might be of use to them based on what they have asked.  

The following day I call, and I answer the questions they have and build more rapport finding out about their business.  

So my question to you is, which of these scenarios would you rather your prospects were recieving.  My experience is that generally that opportunity to have an additional conversation while also building trust having done what I said I would do in terms of following up the conversation all goes to creating a better customer experience for your prospects and will generate more potential clients.

If you would like to further see how my Connosieur of Connection service could be of use to you, pick up the phone, I can be reached on 07967 681989 or send me a message and lets have a conversation.