Why Remo? I already have……
Jay Blake   |   January 22

A friend of mine asked me about Remo yesterday; they come from a place within a corporate, who daily make use of different virtual platforms to get through the day.

Knowing my passion for Remo, they asked if they could pick my brains and wondered why people would use Remo rather than what was already available to them. 

Clearly my passion for my work poured out, effervescent like sparkling wine, talking about all those things I add to the experience.  The hosting of the event, making sure that all the technical challenges are covered.  That all the guests are having a good time etc.   His response surprised me..

Yes I know, that is what YOU add into the experience and I get the value of that.  I am just wondering what the benefits of the application might be.  Now this got me thinking, and we went on to discuss a number of things which ensure that events, especially those where the presentations generate a lot audience questions and desire for deeper knowledge.

The fact that you can post questions into the Q&A as well as help to prioritise the questions everyone has asked to ensure the available Q&A time is answering the questions live that most people want to hear.  Oh and the remaining questions can be downloaded and answered subsequently.

Ahh… now I get it, was his response… oh and of course that is before you work your own personal brand of magic over the event Jay.  Knowing that you don’t have to worry about the tech or have to handle any challenges delegates are having as you are keeping an eye on the event makes all the difference.