What makes a prospect - Part 2 - Can they afford you
Jay Blake   |   January 22

I provide you with prospects,  OK, I hear you say, and how do you define what a prospect actually is?  

I think language is such a powerful thing, which is so easily misunderstood.  Most dangerously so when we think we all understand what a word means.  Sometimes with amusing, sometimes with catastrophic results we can discover that we mean very different things by the same words.  

I write as a dyslexic who loves both to read and to write, but writing to me is not so much of a crafted activity as it is one where my thoughts transfer at speed through my fingers onto a keyboard.

Oh yes, what is a prospect?  Getting an understanding of whether a prospect can afford you sounds like a simple question and sometimes it is, especially when the answer is yes.  My experience tells me that when the answer is maybe - it becomes a much more interesting journey.

As part of our onboarding process we will work through understanding what affordability looks like for you and your clients to ensure that the prospects I deliver are able to afford your services.

If you would like to have a stream of conversations with people who are real prospects, then we should have a chat.