What it says on the tin is not always helpful
Jay Blake   |   March 22

The onboarding process of a new client into my portfolio is always an exciting and fascinating time. Never more so than with the guys at MonoChrome Consultancy. Learning more about the organisation, what it is they love to do and how they make a difference to their – I mean our clients is really getting me fired up and enabling me to enjoy some fascinating conversations with old friends and new ones…

One of the things which really stood out from our initial conversation, Dan, the founder of Monochrome and I, was his comment about the name. Consultancy you see brings up so many different things in the mind of people who may or may not need their services.

There are those people who plan and those who do. Monochrome are definitely in the Doing brigade. People deployment is definitely what it is that they do, and yet it is their ambition to be the go-to person the next time there is a business need which makes them an exciting proposition in my mind.

Our clients are those who have a clear understanding of where they are and where they want to be, they just don’t know how to get from one to the other. That is precisely where we come in. Using our skills and abilities along with our experience from doing similar things elsewhere we deliver change.

So if any of that sparks an interest – I am always looking to have one more good conversation, reach out and lets talk. Have you stood back and looked at what your business is called and what that communicates about what it is you do? Perhaps we can discuss that as well?

And one last thing, which I would be happy to explain when we chat… Another lovely quote from Dan – “Don’t buy a Ferrari and drive it like a golf cart.”