What is 15kmh in Mph... turned out to be the wrong question - life on an electric bike.
Jay Blake   |   December 21

There I was whizzing along on the electric bike, at last on a route I am familiar with… So my speedo on the phone was advising me how quickly I was travelling.

Thinking it must be in Kilometers, I made a mental note to check when I got into the office, Wow, just under 10 miles an hour - you were going at a fair lick…. I thought to myself.  Only to discover on the way home, that the speedo is set to Miles an hour!  Eeek…. That bike can go some!

I am so enjoying my electric bike, albeit have not been on it for a little while with being based at home.  I must remember to use it for non car required journeys as I go into 2022.  Who knows I might even use it for the occasional pleasure ride.  

The fact I can fold it and fit it even in the smallest sports car boot makes it a really useful item.  I am yet to fold it and take it INTO the pub / cafe etc, but I am sure those will be experiences you hear about here too!  

If you are a cyclist near me in Cheshire, or also enjoying the fun of an electric bike - I am always pleased to make new friends and hope that my experiences and shared thoughts come to be of some use…