Virtual may be a band-aid (Plaster) but it’s not just that
Jay Blake   |   January 22

Let me take you back to autumn 2019, Yes I know that feels like a really long time ago.  When corona was just a beer, the idea of a lock down was something in a movie…. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

A connection introduced me to Remo, a virtual networking platform.  You are into networking Jay - this might just be an interesting addition to what you are doing. 

I agreed that it might just be an interesting add on, clearly understanding that face to face was where most people are, and that getting people of a certain age and approach to life to even consider using a computer rather than getting in the car to meet others would be a very high and hard hurdle to get people to cross.

Now come with me to 2022, and there are many who are looking forward to being able to do everything in person once again.  No longer does anyone (with very few exceptions) have the ability to say they can’t use their computer to join a virtual meeting.  Yes some platforms are easier to use and some provide a better user experience.  All of this is for other conversations.

Here I am simply wanting to get you thinking about the fact that no matter when we are ABLE to connect again in person, there will still be a place to connect online.  To bring people together for conferences, meetings, events.  Saving travel time and cost - the ability to bring people from across the world to conferences which would otherwise have made attendance impossible.  

Organisations who are spread across the country, who currently spend a lot of time and expense bringing that team together in order to get messages clearly shared across the team.  

Believe me, I like you am looking forward to being able to meet people in person, I simply want to make sure that when people are thinking about meeting and events that they choose the appropriate ones to have in person and the ones which actually would be, dare I say it, better if held virtually. 

Want to talk that through and see how you can ensure everyone has the best possible virtual experience all while enabling you to focus on your delegates, visitors free from the stress of ensuring everyone is enjoying the event and covering off any technical challenges they may be experiencing?  Pick up the phone and give me a call 07967 681989