Turtle doves? No, but happy memories of Festive events
Jay Blake   |   December 21

This year has been very different. We began the year all hoping that Covid was largely over. Months of enforced working from home enabled many to realise that the need to go INTO the office was no longer what it might have been in the past.

As someone passionate about building relationships and making connections… I am the first to recognise the value of being face to face, hand to hand. Yet I, like so many have seen what is possible when you begin connecting in the virtual space.

The last year has however proved to me time and again, that the benefits of the world of virtual events far outweighs the downsides of the lack of face to face contact. Lets put to one side for a moment the Covid related, medical safety aspects.

Building relationships is always a multi step process, making those initial connections without the need to travel can make such a difference. Remembering that 80+ percent of people will never have any need for what you do and a further percentage will not need it for some time to come, certainly increases the argument for giving your precious time in person to the right people and them only.

How much more valuable would spending a whole morning or day with the right people than spending lots of 2 hour sessions with people who will never have any interest in your service? This is of course that point where I have to remind myself and you dear reader, that it is often really difficult to know who is and is not in the right group, with serendipity making it sometimes surprising which is which.

If you are wondering what a difference the world of virtual events could make to your business, now this is where I would love to have a conversation. Lets meet on REMO so that I can show you around and see if there is anything I can do to help you in 2022. It’s good to talk and my experience is that generally there is something which I can do to help even if that just means introducing you to the right person.