Treat your business the way you would treat your customers.
Jay Blake   |   March 22

What would happen if you held your business to the high standards you treat your clients with?

You do your own Business Development for your business Jay? 

What would happen if you started treating your business as a client?

I wonder how many others are filled with the same emotions which hit me today when my coach asked me them?

I arrived at todays meeting, with things to celebrate but little in the way of questions.  So we worked through some stuff and started to formulate a plan, but it all started from these two questions.

As it happens the person asking the question is also about to become a client.  But more on that at another time.

Until then let me pose the question to you….  

If you treated your own business the way you treat your clients, would you do things different.  

Do you need to get someone else to make your shoes?  Mr Cobbler?

Or perhaps you just need to treat your shoes with the same respect you give to your customers shoes…