Touch points are everywhere
Jay Blake   |   December 21

So much of life is about how we look at it, what we observe. It can be so easy to go through a week, a month dare I say it even a year and wonder where on earth the time went?

Planned connection and regularly reaching out to those you are building relationships with is important, yet when you have your eyes and ears open you can find there are many more chances to deepen a relationship.

When someone comes to mind, use that as a opportunity to reach out. You may be surprised how often the timing of that conversation is just perfect, that they are needing to have a conversation with you.

By way of example, a good friend of mine sent me a copy of their latest book. It is truely an awesome read, and have a look at my other post to see more about it… I picked up the phone on the day that I had finished the book only to discover I was not the only person to have moved house in 2021 and actually we now are less than 30 mins from each other. I confess to being a bit excited to see what opportunities that will mean to stay better connected into the new year.

So as you travel today, can I encourage you, as I encourage myself to keep an eye out for those prompts to reach out. Maybe to someone new that you actually meet in the street? Maybe to someone who you have not spoken to for a very long time who just needs that bit of encouragement today. The more we do this - the more opportunities we have for those significant conversations to happen. It is those significant conversations that can help us move through our life, work, personal, spiritual…. you name it, in a much more productive way.