My Territory - a Squirrels tail
Jay Blake   |   January 22

One of the things which hit me about being up north is particularly evident at Queens Park here in Wistaston Green.  It was in the days before the dogs arrived that I noticed on my visits to the park that all of the dogs were on leads.    Having witnessed this for a while, I engaged in a conversation with a number of the dog walkers - more on that subject another time, who all agreed that yes this was part of what was required in this park.  Also that there are places you can let the dogs off the lead locally.

I was used to the majority of dogs being off the lead in Marlow, not so here.  I got talking to one of the dog walkers and we both discussed the fact that the wild-life, and especially the squirrels appear to know the fact that they are safer here.  Thus there is almost a case of them standing at the side of the path with their tongues waggling!  

I am so enjoying learning about the differences.  I also realised that when we all travel through this thing called life with our eyes wide open we can enjoy so much more and can appreciate the way things are done in the places that we are.  Whether those places are our current home, somewhere we are visiting or in my case a new place which I am calling home.