Lessons with my guitar
Jay Blake   |   December 21

One of the joys of leaving a house you have lived in since you were 15 is that you come across items you have largely forgotten about, an old stamp collection here, a teddy bear there. You know the kind of thing.

One of the things I came across in the loft was my old guitar. I knew it was quite a good one when we bought it, could be plugged into an amp and all that. However I also knew it had sat unused for many a year.

When I was on one of my reconnaissance trips up north, I went to Trentham gardens, or at least the little shopping village next to it. In the middle of that was a music shop. It was in here that I learned so much.

As I walked in the lady concerned was finishing off with another customer, and as is customary when she started our conversation she wanted to know if there was anything she could do to help. I explained my situation…

An old (to me) guitar sits at home unloved and unplayed, and i would love to get it back in working order. I’m moving to the area and so it will be a little while before I can bring it in.

So weeks passed, and I moved up north. An opportunity came and I took the guitar into the shop. The lady who stood before me was not the same I had previously spoken to, yet… when I mentioned the situation she said they were waiting for me, that her colleague had mentioned my arrival in the area, and while it would soon be Christmas she would take it home that evening and do her best to have it ready as soon as possible.

Sure enough a couple of days later the phone rang and the shop had the guitar ready, a crisp £20 note would have my guitar back in my hand, with a full set of new strings having received some much needed TLC. As I put the phone down I marvelled at the difference of experience and I reflected on what small things we could all focus on in order to improve the experiences of others.

Time… Allow others to enjoy the time they need to tell their story. It was because I was listened to, and enabled to share the background to my, frankly insignificant purchase that I find myself now sharing this story with you.

Significance… It is not that any of the steps were difficult, but by ensuring I felt significant as the client, Remembered, Anticipated that I felt (and of course we all remember it is how we make others feel which is so crucial) my custom was appreciated.

Care… the fact that this was not simply a transaction but was something they wanted to look after, to do a good job without delay all went together to make me a very happy customer.

What does that mean for them as a business? Well as you can see. It has me sharing the story with you. I guess someone reading this might become a customer of theirs in the future. It clearly means I will not be going elsewhere for any other musical needs I might have in the future, and it has made me smile, again and again. Thrilled to be making this part of Cheshire my home and learning lessons along the way.

So the name of that store??

A Major Music Supplies https://amajormusic.co.uk/

May I encourage you, as you go through the coming days… Take time, to notice. Allow the little things to impact, the learnings to resonate… If you would like to share your thoughts and experiences publicly here then please do comment… Or message me and lets have a chat. I always love to learn with