If only...What did you have for breakfast?
Jay Blake   |   December 21

If only…

What did you have for breakfast… It wasn’t really a rhetorical question, I am wondering. However the more important question is… Can you change what you had for breakfast? Hopefully already you are smiling, or perhaps frowning at the stupidity of the question.

So if we can’t change what we had for breakfast why do we spend so much energy wishing we could change what happened yesterday, or last year or if we had made that big change 10 years ago when the thought appeared to us.


What are you going to do next? Or tomorrow, or with the rest of your life? Now we are getting into the stuff that you can do something about and that IS worth your time and energy.

The thought ran through my mind again this morning when I started the blogging challenge my good friend Sarah Arrow put together. It is not that the challenge is new to me. I don’t even want to think about when I first signed up for it - but I think it is over 10 years ago. I had the privilege of filming their wedding so there is both a personal and business connection.

Anyway here I am starting once again on a new blogging journey for a new blog. The website is being soft launched this weekend and thus new posts will be required. As with any blog - unless there is lots of regular content - you my dear reader will get bored. So let me see how I can make this interesting for you.

Covering a range of subjects… Which to this point I think is likely to include.

  • The joys of moving north - it’s a whole different world in Cheshire having spent the majority of my life down in Buckinghamshire.
  • Virtual Events - How and why we should make more of the virtual space.
  • Relationship Building - for business and perhaps some thoughts on how that can also work outside of the workplace
  • Electric Bike’s - The experiences of a new cyclist…

I guess the joys of having a blog where you can choose which subject stream you follow will make the whole thing better for you my dear reader. However if you enjoy my style of writing you might want to follow it all - the choice as they say is yours.