Always ask questions - Thanks Tilly #nomorepain
Jay Blake   |   January 22

This young lady taught me so much, and today I have to say goodbye.  It feels very strange to have an appointment so to do, and to have been able to have the family around at the weekend to ensure everyone has had an opportunity to do the same.

Why am I sharing this on my business blog?  Why am I then posting this on linkedIn??  Its simple really… she taught me to always ask questions, or at least having her aided me on that journey.

You see she has had a history of having major problems with her teeth.  Pet insurance has always been something I have had with any dogs we have had - Almost always being the one better off at the end of their lives one way or another.  That’s just a different story and not for now….

Anyway, I will always feel guilty that for over a year she suffered with discomfort with her teeth.  Having had tooth pain myself I know how bad that can be.  What I did not realise, and took at face value from the VET was that dental work would not be included in her cover.  What I discovered by chance on reading the details of her policy was that she could have the required treatment.  So after a year - that is precisely what happened and she then had a number of years without that discomfort. 

When on friday, we as a family made the decision that it would only be fair to say goodbye.  I decided to ask questions again.  I called the insurance company and asked what the situation was and if anything was covered.  Much to my surprise there is a contribution they are willing to make, which enables us to have her cremated separately.  So that is what we shall do.  

So today I am likely to be a bit quieter,  Your understanding is much appreciated.  I will celebrate all that she has been and will be pleased to know she is no longer in pain.  Tomorrow is a new day and I will be back to focussing on the future.  

May I leave you to feel encouraged to ask more questions and through that to be able to enjoy all that life can bring for you.  If sharing something so personal is offensive to you - please accept my apologies.  Oh and feel free to raise a glass, I certainly will be.  God bless